Real Estate Agents, Agencies, and Online Entities are all over the map with creative and competitive Seller costs to get you to choose them over other Agents to sell your home. Cheaper is not always Cheaper or Better in the final results!

Here is or quick run through of well known current marketing ads about Agent commissions and selling costs you might have heard. WE DO NOT DO THESE TYPES OF PROMOTIONS but get asked about them from time to time.

RE Ads and Gimmicks Busted!


What We Charge and Your SELLING COSTS:

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6% = Buyer with an Agent who we pay out 1/2 of the 6% (being 3%) to the Buyer’s Agent.
Most our Clients opt for this plan where we charge a 6% Commission based on the Final Purchase Price of your home. The 6% is paid by the Seller to which we then pay 3% (or 1/2 of the 6%) to the Buyers Agent as compensation and incentive to bring top Buyers from the top Agents. We charge no other Fees, Retainers, or Marketing Fees. that is it!
We only get paid when we are successful at getting your home sold!


Some of our Clients want to actively participate in finding a Buyer for their home. For these Clients we will provide online links for Social Media Marketing (SMM) along with other marketing materials that they can use to try and find their own Buyers alongside our normal exceptional marketing. We also reward those efforts when it happens so you can get significant discounts under the following situations.

6% = Buyer with an Agent which we pay out 1/2 of the 6% (being 3%) to the Buyer’s Agent (like the above plan).
5% = Buyer’s Agent is also an Agent of Thomas Jambor Realty Solutions.
3% = Buyer found by YOU and uses NO Buyer’s Agent other than your Agent upon all parties informed consent*.

*NOTE: If the Buyer’s Agent is also an Agent of Thomas Jambor Realty Solution:  Before we can allow any Dual Agency you will receive a complete disclosure and a consultation on how Limited Dual Agency could affect your Agent’s relationship with you. This will require all parties’ written approval AFTER all parties have had a consultation and being able to ask questions  on exactly how it will impact each party. Any Dual Agency will NOT be allowed without your consultation and final approval and the Broker approval of our Agency.


1.5% as a general rough number for most sales.
Closing Costs charged by Escrow / Title Companies (not including Agent Commissions) are for Escrow fees, HOA fees, Title Insurance, proration of Property Taxes, Recording Fees, and other related costs associated with being the Seller’s Costs. These will vary by the Purchase Price of your home, your HOA, and details of the accepted Purchase Offer. Usually around 1.3% – 1.6% as a general number will be fairly close, however, we can actually run the numbers for better accuracy for your specific home for a projected selling price.

As to what Closing Costs a Buyer and Seller generally pay, here is a great list by First American Title specifically for Arizona (Termite Inspection is required paid by the Seller when the Buyer is using a VA Loan, otherwise, it is generally paid by the Buyer)  Who Pays the Closing Costs, Buyer or Seller?


We love our past Clients!

Most stay with us for years and continue receiving consultations when they have even questions years later! Some even becoming good friends!  So in appreciation of our Past Clients, we can sometime provide a discount for multiple Sells or Purchases.

Certainly if you are a Past Client, Contact Us to discuss this benefit. If you are not, take the step now to become our Client!