Jamie O’Driscoll
Partner / Licensed Agent




Like many Arizonans, I grew up in Chicago. I was raised with the Midwestern work ethic, knowing that the keys to accomplishment were derived from what you did and how you did it. I never received an “everybody gets a trophy”; every statue on my parents’ mantle is for something I truly earned.

As a kid and teen, I was an avid athlete. I played basketball, softball, field hockey, volleyball, and — embarrassingly — boys’ ice hockey. (You’ll have to ask my dad about that one.) I was also active in other extracurriculars, including plays and musicals, and the school newspaper. My attorney father held us to critically high standards, so I pulled a high GPA and graduated cum laude. I was just as busy in college, but also joined Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, where I acquired a sense for philanthropy — something I remain passionate about to this day. After graduation, I lived in the San Francisco bay area for a while, returning to Illinois and attend grad school on a full academic scholarship. I taught public speaking and counseled students on their projects, while attending my own courses at night. I also did freelance marketing for WW Grainger and others.

After graduation, I was fortunate to land a few key roles at publishing houses and Chicagoland ad agencies. They were small, so they suited my ambitious personality. I was able to jump into account service, sales, print production, design, and copywriting. I worked with many outstanding individuals, and learned a great deal. I also grew a network of marketing partners and resources. My track record spoke for itself, and I was promoted several times. I served a number of years as creative director before starting my own firm.

As the owner of a Chicagoland agency for 17 years, I’ve handled the gamut of marketing and promotion. Though I’ve won a number of awards overs the years, my focus has always been on client satisfaction. I do whatever it takes and work whatever hours, always knowing that my reputation is my strongest asset. I am so proud to have served so many great people, and I consider all of my clients personal friends.

Transitioning into real estate, I bring the same excitement, energy, and pursuit of excellence as I have applied to my personal life and career. I remain active in volunteering, serving as a certified tax preparer for needy individuals and participating in fundraising across Power Ranch and the local community. I also have raised two exceptionally bright and talented kids, who keep me grounded yet prepared for life’s amazing challenges.



My passion for real estate began 20 years ago when I bought my first home in a suburb of Chicago. Back then, MLS listings were in a book that got published every two weeks. From what I understand, agents would line up like eager concertgoers on the day it was delivered, arm wrestling each other for first dibs. I heard a few even lost a tooth from time to time. (In Chicago, we’re all Blackhawks fans, so a missing tooth is just a badge of courage.) While the process was tenuous on agents, it was even more difficult on buyers and sellers. We not only needed the actual inventory to be favorable, but to have agents who were responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient to ensure we had the greatest opportunities.

Fast-forward two decades, and the industry has changed. Online searches have put a great deal more control in the hands of residential home buyers and sellers. You can discover neighborhood facts, home histories, tax data, and more all on your own. You can even run numbers on financing and loan scenarios. But, you still need a real estate agent with high integrity and hustle — as well as great responsiveness, knowledge, and efficiency — to ensure your success.

With all the exacting details that need to be managed, the skills of your agent are critical in avoiding hurdles and ensuring a smooth closing. Over the years, I bought and sold three homes of my own, and have had both good and bad representation. Fortunately, I have a legal and tax background and was able to navigate the process and contracts on my own. For most, this is not the case. They hold their agents to the utmost standards, and they trust that their best interests will be protected.

Prior to working in residential real estate, I served for more than 14 years helping sell small businesses. I met with every owner and stakeholder to help determine their challenges, expectations, and goals. We collaborated on marketing strategies, and I developed materials to align with their needs. I made adjustments to accommodate every twist and turn in the process, incorporating new ideas and feedback to ensure their listings stayed fresh and attractive. I stayed with them every step of the way, handling their transactions with the utmost diligence, accuracy, and confidentiality. I ensured not only their satisfaction, but that their goals were met and that staff they needed to provide for remained on board with the business intact.

As a residential real estate agent, I apply these same proven principles. I understand personally the importance of your deal, and strive to make your experience flawless. At Thomas Jambor Realty Solutions, I’m not only supported by cutting-edge tools and resources, but also extensive intellectual capital and advisory support of our designated broker and business partners. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, and have your property professionally managed, I’ll be proud to represent you with the reliability, responsiveness, knowledge, and efficiency you need to help create your success story.

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